Rung-Sheng Chen
Status Full-Time Faculty
Name Rung-Sheng Chen
Job title Associate Professor
Education PhD in Optical, Imperial College, London, UK
Areas of Research Digital Image Processing, Medical Engineering, Optical
Year Paper Title
2021 陳志昇(Chin-Sheng Chen)、蔡志仁(Zhi-Ren Tsai)、Hung-Jen Lin、Tung-Ti Chang、Yung-Ming Chang、陳榮燊(Rung-Sheng Chen), Application of Infrared Thermography in “Color Diagnosis” of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Online Journal of Complementary & Alternative Medicine, 2021
2018 陳榮燊(Rung-Sheng Chen)*, Geometric analysis of ophthalmic lens by conjugate method, IEEE ICASI 2016 pp.635-637, 2018
2017 陳榮燊(Rung-Sheng Chen)*、李育臣(Yu-Chen Lee)、張永賢(Yung-Hsien Chang)、王霆瑄(Ting-Syuan Wang), Thermal Imaging Analysis for Acupuncture Needling Study by Thermal Graphic, International Journal of Medical Research & Health Sciences, vol.6 no.7 pp.19-28, 2017
2014 陳榮燊(Rung-Sheng Chen), Investigation of a slope-point-based method for the design of aspheric surfaces in a catadioptric collimating optical system for a light-emitting diode source , APPLIED OPTICS, vol.53 no.29 pp.H129-H139, 2014
2012 陳榮燊(Rung-Sheng Chen), Novel measurement of chromaticity of color ball, Journal of Chung Cheng Institute of Technology, vol.41 no.1 pp.1-6, 2012
2011 陳榮燊(Rung-Sheng Chen), The derivation of the Cooke triplet photographic lens design, JOURNAL OF MODERN OPTICS, 2011
2011 陳榮燊(Rung-Sheng Chen), The Technique of Aligning the Optical Axis of An Off-axis Parabolic Mirror by Three Rotational Parallel Laser Beams, Journal of Chung Cheng Institute of Technology, vol.40 no.1 pp.43-48, 2011
2010 陳榮燊(Rung-Sheng Chen)、陳德請(Der-Chin Chen)、陳柏言(Bo-Yen Chen)、謝尚瑋(Shang-Wei Hsieh), Systematic Design of Myopic Ophthalmic Lens, Asian Journal of Arts and Sciences, vol.1 no.1 pp.80-92, 2010
2009 陳榮燊(Rung-Sheng Chen), Analytical calculation of spherical aberration by paraxial and meridional raytracing, Asian Journal of Health and Information Sciences, vol.4 no.2-3 pp.113-123, 2009
2009 陳德請(Der-Chin Chen)、陳榮燊(Rung-Sheng Chen)*, Design of Infrared zoom collimator in focal length testing of IR image simulator, Asian Journal of Health and Information Sciences, vol.4 no.2-3 pp.143-154, 2009
Project Title Participator Period
中醫「色診學」與紅外熱像之研究(ASIA-108-CMUH-17) (ASIA-108-CMUH-17) 陳榮燊(Rung-Sheng Chen)、陳志昇(Chin-Sheng Chen) 2019.11 ~ 2020.10
虛擬實境之視覺分析( 107-asia-01) (107-asia-01) 陳榮燊(Rung-Sheng Chen)、陳經中(Chen Ching Chung) 2019.03 ~ 2020.02
以眼球模型研究不同程度近視屈光度的原因(105-asia-17) (105-asia-17) 陳榮燊(Rung-Sheng Chen)、陳經中(Chen Ching Chung) 2017.04 ~ 2018.03
基於圖文資料之針灸熱影像分析(ASIA104-CMUH-16) (ASIA104-CMUH-16) 陳榮燊(Rung-Sheng Chen) 2015.09 ~ 2016.08
LED照明鏡片設計 (99-A-06) 陳榮燊(Rung-Sheng Chen) 2010.08 ~ 2011.07
集光器與太陽能電池光電轉換效率之關係 (98-ASIA-04 ) 陳榮燊(Rung-Sheng Chen)、陳永進(Yung-Chin Chen) 2009.08 ~ 2010.07
Award Name Awarding Unit
最佳論文獎 請選擇
優良教學獎 本校
校優良教學獎 本校
Year Project name Advising professor Department Student name
108 視光學與VR光學設計 陳榮燊 視光系 曾聖潔
Design Publish date Location Creator
具紅外線測距及姿態檢測之光學檢測裝置 2017/03/11 台灣 Rung-Sheng Chen