Samuel Chiang
Status Full-Time Faculty
Name Samuel Chiang
Job title Assistant Professor
Education PhD, University of Auckland, NZ MScOptom (Hons), University of Auckland, NZ TAPIOT, University of Auckland, NZ CertOcuPharm, University of Auckland, NZ BOptom (Hons), University of Auckland, NZ
Registered Therapeutic Optometrist, NZ
Registered Therapeutics Optometrist, AU
Honorary Academic, SOVS, University of Auckland
Areas of Research Myopia Control
Year Paper Title
2020 江東信(Samuel Tung-Hsing Chiang)、Philip R. K. Turnbull、John Phillips(John Phillips)*, Additive effect of atropine eye drops and short-term retinal defocus on choroidal thickness in children with myopia, Scientific Reports, vol.10 no.18310, 2020
2018 江東信(Samuel Tung-Hsing Chiang)、John Robert Phillips(John Robert Phillips)*, Effect of Atropine Eye Drops on Choroidal Thinning Induced by Hyperopic Retinal Defocus, Journal of Ophthalmology, 2018
2018 江東信(Samuel Tung-Hsing Chiang)、Tzu-Lan Chen、John Phillips(John Phillips)*, Effect of Optical Defocus on Choroidal Thickness in Healthy Adults With Presbyopia, INVESTIGATIVE OPHTHALMOLOGY & VISUAL SCIENCE, vol.59 no.12 pp.5188-5193, 2018
2016 Chang-Min Hsu、江東信(Samuel Tung-Hsing Chiang)、Yuan-Yen Chang、Yi-Chen Chen、Deng-Jye Yang、Ya-Yu Chen、林惠雯(Hui-Wen Lin)、曾榮凱(Tseng, Jung-Kai)*, Lychee flower extract inhibits proliferation and viral replication of HSV-1-infected corneal epithelial cells, MOLECULAR VISION, vol.22 pp.129-137, 2016
2015 江東信(Samuel Tung-Hsing Chiang)、John Robert Phillips(John Robert Phillips)*、Simon Backhouse, Effect of retinal image defocus on the thickness of the human choroid, OPHTHALMIC AND PHYSIOLOGICAL OPTICS, vol.35 pp.405-413, 2015
2014 江東信(Samuel Tung-Hsing Chiang)、Shang-Min Yeh、Yi-Chen Chen、Shiun-Long Lin、曾榮凱(Tseng, Jung-Kai)*, Investigation of the protective effects of taurine against alloxan-induced diabetic retinal changes via electroretinogram and retinal histology with New Zealand white rabbits, International Journal of Endocrinology, 2014
Year Book Title
2017 江東信(Samuel Tung-Hsing Chiang)、陳資嵐、林芮宇、林克華、蕭清仁(John CJ Hsiao), 隱形眼鏡學 Contact Lens Practice, 五南圖書出版股份有限公司, May. 2017
2016 江東信(Samuel Tung-Hsing Chiang), 臨床視光學 Clinical Optometry, 五南圖書出版公司, Mar. 2016
Date of Publication Paper Title
2019.04 John Philli(John Phillips)、Tzu-Lan Chen、江東信(Samuel Tung-Hsing Chiang), Effect of Age, related Macular Degeneration on changes in choroidal thickness induced by retinal defocus - 2019 ARVO Annual Meeting, Apr. 2019, Vancouver, Canada
2017.09 John Robert Phillips、Philip Turnbull, Interaction of atropine and retinal image defocus on choroidal thickness in children with myopia , 16th International Myopia Conference (IMC) 2017, Sep. 2017, Birmingham, UK
Publish Date Patent Title Patent Number
2016/10/11 具有含近視控制劑之隱形眼鏡之包裝結構(原:藉日拋隱形眼鏡配戴來傳遞已溶解於隱形眼鏡保存液之無菌無防腐劑抗毒蕈鹼劑) 中華民國新型專利:M530067