Ching-Chung Chen
Status Full-Time Faculty
Name Ching-Chung Chen
Job title Assistant Professor
Education Master of Science in Optometry, Chung Shan Medical University, Taiwan
Executive Director, Contact Lens Society of Taiwan
Executive Supervisor, Taichung Optometrist Association, Taiwan
Areas of Research Contact lens and binocular vision
Year Paper Title
2022 蔡龍輝(Lung-Hui Tsai)、陳經中(Chen Ching Chung), Risk Factor Analysis of Early-Onset Cataracts in Taiwan, Journal of Clinical Medicine, 2022
2021 林惠雯(Hui-Wen Lin)、陳經中(Chen Ching Chung), Anti-inflammatory effects of Flos Lonicerae Japonicae Water Extract are regulated by the STAT/NF-κB pathway and HO-1 expression in Virus-infected RAW264.7 cells, International Journal of Medical Sciences, 2021
2021 張元衍(Yuan?Yen Chang)、陳經中(Chen Ching Chung), Protective Effect of Quercetin on Sodium Iodate?Induced Retinal Apoptosis through the Reactive Oxygen Species?Mediated Mitochondrion?Dependent Pathway, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES, 2021
2017 林惠雯(Hui-Wen Lin)、Cheng-Wei Liu、Deng-Jye Yang、陳經中(Chen Ching Chung)、Shih-Yin Chen、曾榮凱(Tseng, Jung-Kai)、Tien-Jye Chang、Yuan-Yen Chang(Yuan-Yen Chang)*, Dunaliella salina alga extract inhibits the production of interleukin-6, nitric oxide, and reactive oxygen species by regulating nuclear factor-kB/Janus kinase/signal transducer and activator of transcription in virus-infected RAW264.7 cells, JOURNAL OF FOOD AND DRUG ANALYSIS, vol.25 pp.908-918, 2017
2013 鄭靜瑩*、陳經中(Chen Ching Chung), 臺灣視多重障礙學生屈光矯正之現況及成效分析, 台東大學教育學報/NTTU Educational Research Journal, 2013
Category Course Code Course Title Year
大學日間部 TO300003A 視光綜合實習 113
大學日間部 TO300024A 眼科疾病見習 113
大學日間部 TO300040A 隱形眼鏡學(二) 113
大學日間部 TO300040B 隱形眼鏡學(二) 113
大學日間部 TO300042A 隱形眼鏡學實驗(二) 113
大學日間部 TO300042B 隱形眼鏡學實驗(二) 113
大學日間部 TO300056C 學輔時間(一) 113
大學日間部 TO300057B 學輔時間(二) 113
大學日間部 TO300074A 視光概論與法規倫理 113
大學日間部 TO300074B 視光概論與法規倫理 113
Year Project name Advising professor Department Student name
109 視覺訓練應用於雙眼聚散性功能異常大學生學習成效之相關 (計畫編號:109-2813-C-468-135-H) 陳經中 助理教授 視光學系 沈怡靜