The Bausch & Lomb Optometry Student Presentation Competition

  • 2019-10-31
  • Digital Ruling

The Second Optometry Student Presentation Competition on has been held at Asia University by the department of Optometry, Asia University and Bausch & Lomb, Taiwan. Eye healthcare topics including multifocal contact lenses, coloured contact lenses and comparison of contact lenses materials were discussed in the competition.


We would like to congratulate the groups who have won the preliminary contest and are eligibe to go to the final:

Group 4:

Topic: Multifocal contact lenses

Member: Hsuan-Hsin Chang, Min-Hua Hseish, Peng-Yu Chen, Yun-Ting Hong, Guan-Jen Lai and Cheng-Mei Hsin

Group 5:

Topic: Coloured contact lenses

Member: Yen-Che Li, Yu-Chia Liu, Yu-Wei Wu, Chen-Wei Hsu, Yu-An Shih and Ting-Yu Chang

Group 6:

Topic: Comparison of contact lenses materials

Member: Jennifer Jacobs, Emily Yu, Emma Lo, Sarah Hsieh, Chloe Shen and Alice Tu

Group 7:

Topic: Coloured contact lenses

Member: Jia-Xuan Chen, Jun-Yu Dai, Feng-Min Lai, Hui-Wen Liu, Chia-Chen Liu and Yun Li