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1. Award of Ministry of Science and Technology projects



Project title


Assistant Professor

Dr. Hui-Wen Lin

Evaluating the preventive effect of Dihydromyricetin, Quercetin and Metformin on VEGF expression and metastasis ability in nickel chloride induced retinal pigment epithelium


Assistant Professor

Dr. Hui-Wen Lin

To investigate the protective effect of luteolin on 1-Nitropyrene-induced the inflammatory and oxidative stress responses of lung injury and its mechanism


2. Best-ranked class tutor (university level):

Assistant Professor Dr. Hui-Wen Lin in 2017. 

Lecturer Mr. Ching-Chung Chen in 2018.

3.  Awarded the 4th place in the 2018 and 2019 Asia University Chorus Competition.